Photo Album/ Lebanon/ Book Signing Tour Beirut

Standing for the Lebanese National Anthem

With Mr. Wael Kheir, Naqeeb Mohamad Baalbacky, Poet Henri Zougheib and Dr. Ursual Rizk

Mr. Hanna Ayoub, Alain Aoun, Isaam Azzam, Dr. Abdou Younes and Attorney Mohamad Moughrabi

Sheik Fares Dagher, Judge Fouzi Dagher, Mr. Saba Naser, Randa and Naji Tueini

Interview with LBC sat

Signing the book at the Lebanese National Press Headquarters in Beirut

With the Mayor of Douma Joseph Maalouf and other guests 

With General Abdou Faddoul, Mounir Baraket and Charles Chidiac

With Joe Toutounji, Mohamad Baalbaky and Henri Zougheib

Signing book for Mistro Abdou Mounzer and in picture Edmond Boutros and other guests

Ms. Wafa Maalouf, Ursula Rizk, Mirna Daccacha and Abed Statiyeh

Ms. Antoinette Klimos, Claire Shouery, Amal Chammas and Attorney Pierre Gemayel

Mr. Antoine Klimos, Mr. and Mrs Charles Chidiac

General Antoine Abi Nassif, Mr. Yousef Younes and Mr. George Bijjani

With Joel Faddoul, Marie Therese Maalouf and Elie Ahwash at Future TV

General seen of the attendees at the book introduction

Attorney Pierre Gemayel, Rita, Nada and Nina Maalouf

The Maalouf, Bardaweel, Ghaii, Risk, and Gemayel familie