My dear gracious friend Mr. Walid Maalouf may the Lord protect you

I shall recite verses written by the great Lebanese poet Said Akl: 

“… And from this small country we civilized the world. Yes we wandered in every part of the globe defying the world, its countries and people… and by doing thus we have made of Lebanon a great nation” 

Thus my dear friend from the Shouf region, you traveled from this small country, a country in which there is so much greatness. You traveled armed with hope, determination, pride and ambition. You defied the world and were criticized by your own brethren.

And here you are building this Lebanon abroad…

Blessings befall you son of Kfarkatra, you are the best of your lineage – the noble Maalouf family who come from Zahle, Ain El-Kabou, Kfarkatra or Beirut, being honorable Melkite Catholic or fireless Maronite. 

You are Lebanon; Lebanon thrives in your likeness.

So what matters if they croaked like frogs, yesterday, just because you used your good sense of judgment in dealing with embassies. Here they are today, groveling toward the doors of Damascus…and the coming is worst.

Be proud Walid, lift your head up high because you’ve made those who love you proud and on forward…forward. Clean, graceful, invincible…. you glorify us and also Lebanon. 

My best wishes to you all who devoted yourselves to the love of your country Lebanon. We are proud of you people and may God keep Lebanon and the Shouf great always.

Yours Faithfully,

Farid Hamade

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