Paris September 2, 1991 

Dearest Walid: 

My heart was filled with joy when I read your articles; bold articles full of truth. This proves your sense of patriotism and love of your native land. I am very proud to know you my dear Walid and I wish that there were more sincere countrymen like you so that they could work together to defeat those who are plotting for the division and the disintegration of their country seeking only their personal interests.  

I will be in the United States of America by the end of September and maybe I shall remain there for a long period of time. We should work together if only for the promotion of right. This will be a perpetuation of your long-time struggle for truth. Only right will triumph and its words are sincere and free. 

With the help of God our determination will not weaken. And at the end of the day, the word of truth will triumph. Everything could pass and fade away. Everything but the word of truth. 

You have always sought the true path; you have always defended by your words and deed the right thing; you’ve got a family one could be proud of. 

God bless you dear Wald

Father Nabil Mouannes