Out of your experience...
Mrs. Joe Singelton, Admission Director
Sacred Heart College
September 24, 1985

The leper who came back to give thanks...
The late Sister Mary Michel Boulus, President
Sacred Heart College
September 26, 1985

Uniting our community...
Dr. John Bitar
August 21, 1989

Be proud of your country and your father...
Poet Henry Zougheib
June 8, 1991
(English) (Arabic)

The gutsy path you drew...
Father Nabil Mouannes
September 2, 1991
(English) (Arabic)

A Champion of Lebanon...
Mr. Philip Saade
December 2, 1992

Hold you head high...
The late Sheik Farid Hamade
Paris 1995
(English) (Arabic)

Passion, Spontaneous and off the cuff Speech....
Mr. David Marrash
September 3, 1997

Proud and fully support you...
Deputy Alain Aoun
December 4, 2003

I was inspired by you at the UN...
General Michel Aoun
December 5, 2003

Everyone in Lebanon wants to be your friend...
Mr. Atef Harb, Team Trump
December 9, 2003

Integral, Indispensable, Invaluable Member of our US Mission...
The Honorable John Negroponte
Former Deputy Secretary of State
December 15, 2003

Having positive effect...
Deputy Alain Aoun
December 19, 2003

I hope you reach higher positions...
Minister Gobran Bassil
September 29, 2003

You went further then I could imagine...
Deputy Edgard Maalouf
April 15, 2004

Your diplomatic dialogue and unifying our diaspora...
Mr. Philip Rizk - WLCU
April 20, 2005

We have made history together...
The Honorable George W. Bush
Former President of the United States
January 20, 2009