May - October 2016

In early May Mr. Maalouf had lunch with Dany Diaz, former Jeb Bush campaign manager on the aftermath of Governor Jeb Bush withdrawal from the presidential race. Mr. Maalouf did not switch support to any remaining republican candidate and withdrew from any active participation in this year's election. However Mr. Maalouf wrote regularly on the US presidential elections in Aljoumhouria newspaper (click for articles). In this period Mr. Maalouf spent several months in Lebanon following on the LARP planed activities for 2017. He met with Ambassador Elizabeth Richard to brief her on the two activities planed in Lebanon and he and the LARP executive committee met with Mr. Danny Hall, US DCM to work the details of the Ambassador's participation in those events. He also presided over the LARP Lebanon Board meeting. On June 27 he was the guest on Kalam Beirut on Future TV hosted by Ms. Roula Haddad (click for the interview). On July 11th Mr. Maalouf visited with former Minister Ashraf Rifi at his office in Ashrafieih discussing Lebanese issues and he presented the Minister with The Road to 1559. On August 22nd Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Beirut Alyaoum on MTV hosted by Fadi Chehwan dicsussing the US elections and local and international issues (click for the interview). On August 31st reporter Maria Maalouf of Alrouad TV interviewed Mr. Maalouf at his ancestral home in Kfarkatra(click for the interview). On September 29th he was a guest on Akhbar Alsabah on Future TV hosted by Joelle Faddoul talking about the LARP 2017 events (click for the interview).Also ART TV interviewed Mr. Maalouf on October 1st discussing the LARP 2017 events in a program called From Beirut(click for interview). Mr. Maalouf returned from Lebanon to the US on October 12th.

April 2016 - A Tribute to Governor Jeb Bush

This is a special brief to summarize my support of Governor Jeb Bush starting January 2015 until his withdrawal in March 2016. He is still in my opinion the best to lead our country but the voters made their choices and Jeb withdrew to help unity the Republican Party and our Nation. So many friends of mine have supported him financially and participated in several fundraising activities where they had the chance to meet him. I extend my thanks to all of those who have supported him and me. He had an excellent team and scores of supporters, It has been a great experience and I enjoyed every second of it. I am sending this brief to salute Governor Jeb Bush, his family and who had supported me and him in his quest to the presidency of the United States of America. (click for pictures)

October 2015 – March 2016

In this quarter Mr. Maalouf was on several TV shows from Washington and Beirut talking about US presidential elections, Lebanese political stagnations and elections, the Syrian wars and the international implications on all those issues.
On December 2nd Mr. Maalouf was on Al-Ghad TV based in London (click for video) and on January 13th he was on Alaraby TV based in London (click for video). While in Lebanon he was interviewed with the daily Aljoumhouria (read interview);
on February 8th Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Al Moustakbal TV (click for video); and on March 4th he was a guest on MTV (click for video).

Mr. Maalouf visited with the Secretary-General of 14 March former deputy Fares Souaid at the movement headquarter discussing the latest political developments in Lebanon and the region. Mr. Maalouf was back in the States in early March.

April - September 2015

Mr. Maalouf was interviewed by Al-Hurra TV on April 2nd about the United States presidential election (click for video). On April 26 and 27th Mr. Maalouf travelled to Miami to attend the Jeb Bush National Team Meetings. He is on the National Finance Committee to help elect Governor Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential elections. On April 30th Mr. Maalouf was on the hosting committee for a fundraising breakfast with Governor Jeb Bush in Washington DC. From mid May to mid July Mr. Maalouf was in Lebanon. On June 26th to 28th Mr. Maalouf resided over the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership Mission III and Conference in Beirut with a US Lebanese American business delegation including former Congressman Nick Rahal (click for LARP pictures).

On the side of the Conference Prestige Magazine interviewed Mr. Malouf (click for interview). While in Lebanon he celebrated the 4th of July at Villa Maalouf in his ancestral hometown of Kfarkatra with friends from the media, politics and religion including Deputy George Adwan and Metropolitan George Haddad. Back to Washington DC and on July 22nd he was on the host committee at a fundraising reception to welcome our next US First Lady Mrs. Columba Bush to Washington DC. On September 5th the Lebanese Aljoumhouria newspaper published an article written by Mr. Maalouf about the recent demonstrations by the Lebanese silent majority (read article) and on September 12th he attend the Order of Matla's class of 2015 investiture at Saint Mathew Cathedral. On September 24th he was on the host committee for a fundraising breakfast with Governor Jeb Bush.

October - December 2014 to March 2015

In October and November, 2014 in his capacity as President of LARP, Mr. Maalouf met with members of Congress and Administration officials asking them for more diplomatic engagement in Lebanon and among regional partner states helping to push Lebanon's leaders to finalize the selection of a new Lebanese President. As you may remember, the Lebanese Presidency has been vacant since May, 2014, and continues to be the only senior executive position reserved for Christians inside Lebanon.

In addition, Mr. Maalouf traveled to Paris, France (on his way to Lebanon) in December, 2014 and attended the Embassy of Lebanon's reception in honor of Prime Minster Tamam Salam. While in Paris he also attended an art exhibition of paintings by Mr. Charbel Matta in honor of the Arab Alphabet at the Lebanese Tourism office in downtown Paris. During his stay in Paris Mr. Maalouf was interviewed by France 24 (click for video) and met with the leadership of the Lebanese Forces in Europe.

In Lebanon Mr. Maalouf visited with the Secretary-General of the March 14 Movement, former Deputy Fares Souaid, to thank him for the March 14 delegation that attended his late father's funeral in Kfarkatra. On December 21, 2015 he hosted with his family a memorial mass and luncheon in honor of his late father at Our Lady of Deliverance Melkite-Catholic Church in his ancestral hometown. Mr. Maalouf was a guest at the annual Christmas party hosted by the British Ambassador at his residence in Yarzeh. He also paid a courtesy call on US Ambassador David Hale to brief him on the upcoming LARP III Mission to Lebanon. On January 5, 2015, Mr. Maalouf was a television guest on Future TV with Roula Haddad's Kalam Beirut (click for video) He also made an off the record discussion with the editors and reporters at the headquarters of Aljoumhouria newspaper. Mr. Maalouf returned to Washington in mid-February, 2015 and organized LARP follow-up meetings regarding the vacancy in the Lebanese Presidency and the danger that Lebanon is facing in national security, economic stability and possible genocide of vulnerable communities that may already be taking place in the Middle East region and in Syria specifically.

May - September 2014

Returning to Lebanon in late April, Mr. Maalouf was interviewed on May 20th with Aljoumhouria (click for article) On June 2nd he was a guest on Kalam Beirut, Future TV discussing several US and Lebanese political issues (click for video) Mr. Maalouf visited with President Amine Gemayel and Dr. Samir Geagea to thank them for their participation in his father's funeral. While in Lebanon, Mr. Maalouf attended the 50th anniversary of Bishop Samir Mazloum's Mass and banquet, the opening of the International Jounieh Festival and a farewell luncheon for Ambassador Ali bin Awad Asiri of Saudi Arabia. On August 30th he was invited to speak at Douma Club on US-Lebanese relations, the invitation was from both the Municipality and the Club of Douma. More than 200 people attended the lecture and it was followed by a Q and A and a reception in honor of Mr. Maalouf. Aljoumhouria newspaper covered the event and wrote an article on the discussions (click for article) (click for pictures) Mr. Maalouf signed his books The Road to 1559 and How Many Times...I Told You at the end of the event.

January - April 2014

Since his return from Lebanon in mid January, Mr. Maalouf attended several memorial services for his late father Wadih M. Maalouf in the States. The family celebrated a memorial mass at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church in Washington, DC on February 1st which was attend by family and many friends followed by a mercy meal. On February 2nd, Don Lincoln, a close family friend, requested a memorial mass at Saint Mathew Cathedral in downtown Washington DC. On February 8th, a memorial service took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Newhall, California attended by many friends and church members followed by a mercy meal at the home of Mr. Maalouf's sister. On February 12th, at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community Church in Alexandria, Virginia there was a memorial mass for the repose of his soul (click for life story). On April 3rd, Mr. Maalouf met with UN officials in relation to LARP consultative statues with ECOSOC (click for press release). On April 4, 2014, Mr. Maalouf participated in the United States Mission to the United Nations (USUN) reunion for former Public Delegates from the 38th to the 68th sessions of the UN General Assembly at the US mission in New York. More than 25 former Public Delegates attended the reunion with area advisors and the executive officers of the USUN Mission. Ambassador Samantha Power addressed the group and the discussions were focused on what the former Public Delegates can do to help the US agenda at the United Nations (click for pictures).

September - December 2013

Mr. Maalouf spent most of the last quarter of the year in Lebanon. He was interviewed by Sky news English on September 22nd from Washington, DC and on October 28th was the guest at Kalam Beirut on Future TV from Beirut tackling the political, security and economic issues that are facing the US, Syria and Lebanon (click for videos). In an effort to promot the LARP III mission Mr. Maalouf headed a LARP delegation who met accordingly with the US Ambassador to Lebanon the Honorable David Hale, the Prime Minister Designate His Excellency Tamam Salam and with His Excellency President Michel Sleiman. He also was an honored guest at a dinner hosted by the Academic Forum Beirut Berlin and was recognized by Focus on Lebanon Organization bestowing on him the Star from Lebanon Award "2a3lam min belad el2arz" in Harisa (click for pictures). Mr. Maalouf also attended the DiaLeb banquet and the Forum of Baabbda for the neutrality of Lebanon at the Phoenicia hotel. While in Lebanon Mr. Maalouf lost his father who passed away on December 14th just 9 days short of his 90th birthday (click for articles).

May - August 2013

In early May,, the Department of State released previously classified documents concerning Walid Maalouf's 2003 "provocative" statement protested by the Syrian regime while a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations. These cables verify the account of his experiences in the book The Road to 1559 (click for documents). Mr. Maalouf traveled to Lebanon in May and June. He was interviewed by Aljoumhouria newspaper (click for interview). Heading a delegation of LARP, he visited with General Marwan Charbel, Minister of Interior; General Raymond Khattar, Director General of the Civil Defense; Mr. Ziad Hayek, General Secretary of the Higher Council of Privatization; Mr. Fadi Comair, Director General of the Water Resources; Dr. Kamal Hayek, Director General of the Electricity of Lebanon and Mr. Raed Charaffedine, First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank inviting them to speak at the LARP conference on November 1st, 2013. On June 24th, he attended the Order of Malta Mass in Bkerkeh. On July 1st Mr. Maalouf spoke at The Road to 1559 book event in London with Mr. Elie Abdelhay, head of the Lebanese Forces in Europe. The event was organized by the Lebanese Forces Chapter in the United Kingdom (click for pictures) (click for article).

January - April 2013

Mr. Maalouf was in Lebanon in January and February and then in March to establish the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership's Lebanon branch. He visited with several businessmen and activists and now preparations are underway for the LARP III mission to Lebanon scheduled from October 31st to November 2nd. On March 21st Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Sky News "Hiwar Elayla" program discussing President Obama's visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authorities.

On April 24th he spoke at The Road to 1559 book event with the Lebanese American community of Dallas, Texas at the home of Dr. George Elandary the head of the Lebanese Forces Chapter. The discussions were about how this resolution came about and who was responsible for making it happen (click for pictures).

On April 25-26 he attended the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at the SMU campus in Dallas, the Bush-Cheney Alumni dinner and the VIP tour of the Presidential Library and Museum (click for pictures)

May 7 - December 31, 2012

Mr. Maalouf was interviewed on May 23rd in the Global Voice Hall an internet TV program "Al-Mihak" on the developments of the Syrian uprising. Mr. Maalouf submitted his testimony on Bahrain to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (click for speech) which was widely covered by the Arab media including the Lebanese newspaper Aljoumhouria (click for article) He received several letters of support including a letter from the Gulf European Center for Human Rights (click for letter) Mr. Maalouf was interviewed by ELAPH about Hezbollah's arsenal and what is the best way to turn it over to the Lebanese authorities (click for interview)

Mr. Maalouf was instrumental in launching diplomatic relations between El-Salvador and Lebanon. After a year and eight months, his efforts resulted in appointing Mr. Sarkis Seraydarian the first Honorary Consul of El Salvador in Lebanon who was confirmed by both Governments (click for pictures)

Mr. Maalouf was in Lebanon from September through November. He was interviewed by Mey Sayegh of Aljoumhouria about the US presidential elections (click for interview) he also appeared live twice on Sky News from downtown Beirut on October 16th and October 21st . He was a guest in Future TV's "Kalam Beirut" with Roula Kassab Haddad on October 29th. On election day, November 6th, he was a guest with Paula Yakoubian on Future TV covering the US election live. Before his return to the US, Mr. Maalouf attended the 6th annual memorial Mass of the late Pierre Amine Gemayel in Jal el dib.

On December 8th, Mr. Maalouf was on a direct chat with more than 100 Lebanese from around the world hosted by Mr. Nicolas Chahoud of the Mideast Observer, where he answered questions about the recent Syrian regimes' use of chemical weapons, the 2013 elections, the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, resolution 1559 and other United Nations' resolutions including the Hariri tribunal (click for interview)

Mr. Maalouf reacted to the Council of Ministers' 2013 election law that they submitted to the Parliament for ratification in referring to the letter of recommendations he submitted to the Minister of Interior, he also refused the quotas recommended for women and for the immigrants, saying:" We are not in Iraq or Egypt to force women quotas on us. We are a more liberal and progressive community and women are already playing a political role in Lebanon. "As for the 6 expats deputies recommended, he clearly stated that we do not need a number of deputies to represent the expatriates, the Lebanese living abroad shall vote for the representative that is running in his or her ancestral district. As for the number of deputies he said: "we should bring the number of deputies down to 108 as stipulated in Taef, so between the law submitted by the Council of Ministers and the Orthodox recommendations, the March 14 suggestions, comparing them to the 1960 law, I think my letter to Minister Marwan Charbel is a good compromise and a starting point toward a better parliamentary representation." (click for letter)

March 28 – May 3, 2012

In this second lengthy visit to Lebanon this year, Mr. Maalouf attended the 17th annual remembrance of the dismantling of the Lebanese Force in BIEL. He met with the Secretariat General of 14 March in Achrafieh and had several meetings with Dr. Fares Souaid. He also was received by Mr. Roger Edde, President of Al-Salam Party, at his residence in Edde, Jbeil. Mr. Maalouf visited with Mr. Ahmad El-Assad at his office in Mar-Takla and also was received by President Amine Gemayel at the headquarters of the Kataeb Party in Saify. Mr. Maalouf accepted the invitation of Archbishop Guy-Paul Noujaim at his seat in Sarba where he joined the Patriarchal Vicar for lunch.

Mr. Maalouf was delighted to have visited the First-Vice Governor of the Central Bank Mr. Raed Charafeddine in his office. Mr. Maalouf was joined by Dr. Richard Koumji in visiting Archbishop Cyril Boustros of the Melkite of the Archdiocese of Beirut and Jbeil. Mr. Maalouf had the privilege to meet the Minister of Interior General Marwan Charbel; they discussed the problems that the immigrants face when they return to Lebanon and most importantly to confirm their inclusion in the 2013 parliamentary elections.

Mr. Maalouf presented Minister Charbel with The Road to 1559 and His Excellency presented Mr. Maalouf with an autographed booklet of the 2013 new election law. Mr. Maalouf was also a guest speaker at the Hariri Canadian University main campus in Mishref hosted by Dr. Sandra Whitehead, Chair of the Humanities Department, his presentation was titled US Elections and Foreign Policy. Mr. Maalouf visited the editorial board at the Aljoumhouria newspaper's headquarters in Jdedeh and was interviewed by Pauline Mouhanna in the L'Hebdo Magazine (click for interview) and the 14 March website by Dr. Ghassan Abdelkader (click for interview).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership (LARP) and the Lebanese Information Center (LIC) hosted a discussion of The Road to 1559: Lebanon at the Core of the George W. Bush Administration in the United Nations Plaza at the Beekman Tower Hotel in New York. In opening remarks by Mr. Walid Maalouf outlined the grounds for the discussion stating that the Syrians and the Lebanese are two different peoples in two different countries but they have one destiny and have been victimized by the same abuser. He also elaborated and stated the names of the friends we have in the Bush Administration and named the Lebanese of the diaspora who helped in lobbying for the resolution (click for speech) (click for article).

Moderator, Mrs. Rita Zihenni briefly outlined UNSCR 1559 (click for remarks) and introduced the panel which consisted of the Honorable Richard W. Murphy, former Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, Ambassador Terje Roed-Larsen, UN special envoy to the implementation of UNSCR 1559, Mr. J. Scott Carpenter, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Dr. Joseph Gebeily, President of LIC. Ambassador Murphy reviewed his years of service in the countries of the Middle East. He spoke at length how the Assad regimes - father and son - perceived the area politically and geographically. He also clearly blamed the Assads for the destruction of Lebanon's democracy and freedom (click for remarks). Ambassador Terje Lored-Larsen revealed a conversation with the late PM Rafic Hariri just two days before he was assassinated clearly stating that his involvement with UNSCR 1559 started after its creation and he was not aware of the event prior to voting on it in the Security Council (click for remarks). J. Scott Carpenter explained his role in the democracy agenda and that UNSCR 1559 was established to help Lebanon's democracy and release it from the Assad regime's grip (click for remarks). Dr. Joseph Gebeily spoke of the three tracks that set the circumstances and the prelude for UNSCR 1559 and said that this resolution was the first whistle in the chain of events in the Middle East and signaled the beginning of the end for the rule of Bashar Assad (click for remarks).

The event was concluded by a reception hosted by LARP and LIC and was attended by officials from the United Nations, think tank institutions, the Lebanese American organizations of New York and New Jersey including H.E. Dimitroff Zlatko, Permanent Representative of Bulgaria; His Excellency Ibrahim Assaf, Lebanon Mission to the UN; Mr. Antoine Azzam, Acting Consul General of Lebanon; Mr. Francois Naaman, President of the WLCU-USA; Mr. Fadi Farhat, President of the LIC Chapter of New York; Ms. Irene Cordahi, President of the Lebanese Club of NYC and Mr. Haleem Zihenni, Member of the LARP Board (click for pictures). The event was well covered by the Lebanese media (click for media coverage).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) hosted a launching event for the new book, "The Road to 1559: Lebanon at the Core of the George W. Bush Administration." The book's title refers to a key UN resolution which helped prompt the Cedar Revolution and the departure of Syrian troops from Lebanon. The book describes the passage of the resolution from Walid Maalouf's unique vantage point as a US Alternate Representative to the United Nations and the perspectives of other officials in the Bush Administration.

After a brief introduction by IWP founder and president John Lenczowski, Walid Maalouf opened the panel discussion. Mr. Maalouf spoke of his great hope for democracy and peace in the region. He spoke of Lebanon's "unique opportunity" in 2003, when the alignment of the George W. Bush administration, the Jacques Chirac Administration, and the Freedom Agenda made the passage of the resolution at that particular moment (click for remarks).

Secretary John Negroponte praised the role of public delegates at the United Nations. He described part of the value of the resolution as getting the other powers "on the record" including China and Russia -both taking the decision not to veto the resolution (click for remarks). Ambassador Melady focused on the history of Lebanon and its historic importance to Christendom and his meeting with Pope John Paul II about Lebanon (click for remarks). Ambassador Andrew Natsios said the demarche for Bush political appointees was, "Don't be custodians, be activists." And this is what exactly Maalouf did and looked forward to the end of the Assad regime (click for remarks) Dr. Marius Deed commented that the current "Arab Spring" started in Lebanon, and resolution 1559 empowered the Lebanese to start it (click for remarks). The event was concluded by a reception hosted by IWP and LARP and was attended by current and former Ambassadors, former Bush appointees, leaders of the Lebanese American organizations, former and current officials from the Department of State, USAID, Pentagon and Congress including Ambassador Zoran Jolevski of Macedonia and Ambassador Francisco Altschul of El-Salvador; Mr. Fabrice Aidan representing Ambassador Terje Roed-Larsen, Special UN envoy to UNSCR 1559; Mr. Ed Fox, former Assistant Secretary of Home Land Security; Dr. Hiam Saker, President of the American University of Science and Technology and many former generals and representatives of the think tank community in Washington DC as well as students and faculty of IWP (click for pictures).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mr. Walid Maalouf was the Master of Ceremonies at the luncheon held in honor of Sister Mary Michel Boulus, former President of Sacred Heart College, at the Sisters of Mercy campus in Belmont, North Carolina. Representing His Excellency President Michel Sleiman, the Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States His Excellency Antoine Chedid bestowed on Sister Michel a presidential recognition. Several dignitaries, members of the Sisters of Mercy, Sister Mary Michel Boulus' family and former Lebanese students attended the event coming from around the United States. In his remarks Mr. Maalouf spoke of Sister Michel's generosity toward needy Lebanese students and her pride in her heritage (click for remarks). After the luncheon Sister Michel, the Ambassador and the former students visited a cedar tree planted 26 years ago in her honor (click for pictures). Several media outlet covered the event including the Catholic News Herald (click for article).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saer Al Mashrek publishing house launched The Road to 1559 - Lebanon at the Core of the George W. Bush Administration at an organized event in the alumni building of the Sagess High School in Ashrafieh, Beirut. Several dignitaries and politicians attended the event including Deputy Fadi Al-Haber, representing former President Amine Gemayel; Deputies Joseph Anis Maalouf and Nadim Gemayel; former US Ambassador to Lebanon Vincent Battle; Dr. Daoud Sayegh, advisor to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri; Dr. George Eid representing the President of the Lebanese Forces Party; Dr. Samir Geagea; Mrs. Rita Germanos representing the president of the National Bloc; Mr. Carlos Edde; Mr. Ahmad Al-Asaad, President of the Lebanese Option Party; Mr. Camille Dory Chamoun, Member of the Executive Committee of the National Liberal Party; and many mayors, chieftains and former ambassadors.

After the welcoming words from Mr. Walid Maalouf, former Alternate Representative of the US to the 58th General Assembly of the United Nations, the moderator of the event, journalist Charles Jabbour took the stage introducing the new book and the panelists, and talking about the circumstances that produced 1559 wondering why the March 14 gathering is quiet about it (click for remarks). He was followed by Dr. Fares Souaid, Secretary General of the March 14 gathering (click for remarks), Journalist Ali Hamade, Member of the Political Bureau of the Future Movement, journalist Mohammad Salam (click for remarks) and author Stephen Kaufman. The event was covered by several media outlets. (click for pictures)

January 1 - August 2011

In late January Mr. Maalouf made a 4-day official visit to San Salvador. He met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Justice & Security and Economy. He also visited with the Secretary to the President Mr. Hoto Hasbun, Member of Parliament Jorge Shafic Handal, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and El Salvador Chamber of Commerce (click for pictures). On March 14, 2011 he participated in the gathering on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC honoring the Cedar Revolution. On May 18th he made a presentation at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy titled "US Public Diplomacy and the Arab Spring" (click for speech). On June 17th Mr. Maalouf visited with the new Maronite Patriarch, His Beatitude Mar Beshara Al-Rai in Bkerkeh to congratulate him in assuming the helm of the Maronite-Catholic Church and on June 23rd he visited with the President of Lebanon His Excellency Michel Sleiman. While in Lebanon he met with Dr. Fares Souaid, Secretary General of March 14, Deputies George Adwan, Mohamad Hajjar, Sami Gemayel, Joseph Maalouf and Antoine Zahra. He also visited with Dr. Daoud Sayegh, Advisor to Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Mr. Eid Shadrawi, President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union and General Issam Abou Jamra, Former Deputy Prime Minister. On July 20 he spoke at the opening ceremony of the Worldwide Lebanese International Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel (click for speech) (click for pictures). Mr. Maalouf was a guest on "Kalam Beirut" on Future TV and on the Voice of Lebanon "Al-Mahkameh" program.

July 1 - December 31, 2010

On October 1, 2010 Mr. & Mrs. Maalouf hosted a farewell dinner in honor of Archbishop Ciryl Bustros, Eparch of the Melkite in the United States at their home in Arlington as he prepares to become the Archbishop of Beirut. Several leaders from the Lebanese American community and the diplomatic community attend the dinner including the Ambassador of the Vatican Archbishop Pierto Sambi. On October 3rd Mr. Maalouf traveled to Lebanon to visit with his constituency in the Shouf. While in Lebanon, the Maalouf Foundation organized on October 17th a gathering for a delegation of the Maalouf family at his home in Kfarkatra attend by influential Maaloufs including Deputy Joseph Maalouf of Zahleh and former Deputy Camille Maalouf of Niha. Mr. Maalouf visited with Dr. Samir Geagea, Chairman of the Lebanese Forces Party, with whom he discussed the neutrality of the Lebanese territories and the dire needs in his Shouf district. Mr. Maalouf, also attended the inauguration of the statue of the late President Camille Chamoun in Deir El-Kamar and the memorial Mass for Danny Chamoun and his family. He met with the President of the National Liberal Party Mr. Dory Chamoun and Mr. Camille Dory Chamoun, member of the party's executive committee. In an effort to know seasoned politicians Mr. Maalouf had the privilege of meeting former Minister and Deputy Edmond Rizk who has in-depth knowledge of the Taif accord and its relation to UNSC resolution 1559. Accompanied by Sheikh Charles Chidiac, Mr. Maalouf had an interesting meeting with former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Boujamra with whom he discussed the latest developments. Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Kalam Beirut, Future TV with Roula H. Kassab, he was also interviewed in Alwatan Alarabi and Al-Rafik magazine commemorating the 66th birthday of martyr Rafik Hariri. Upon his return to the US, on November 4th, Mr. Maalouf was a guest on BBC World News Arabic to discuss the mid-term elections and how the Republican win will affect the internal agenda of President Barack Obama. (click for interview) 

January 1 - June 30, 2010

Mr. Maalouf hosted a meeting for Lebanese Americans intellect with the National Security Council at his office's board room in Washington DC in April. Several leaders attend the meeting including Cor-Bishop Seelly Beggiani, Professor Marios Deeb of John Hopkins University, Walid Maalouf and others with Ms. Hagar Hajjar and discussed the threats that is facing Lebanon from the Iranian Israeli conflicts and the international community concerns regarding Iran's nuclear developments and its affect on Lebanon's stability and economic improvements. The Lebanese American delegation urged the Obama Administration to either consider a strategy of neutrality for Lebanon or an international conference to support Lebanon's sovereign territory, the rules of law and shield Lebanon from any expected war. In May Mr. Maalouf visited Lebanon and spent all his time in his Shouf district following-up on his constituency needs. He celebrated the feast of the Ascension, a tradition in his family for more than a hundred years. Several mayors and chieftains of several towns, the people of his hometown Kfarkatra and the Massoud Antoune Maalouf family attend the mass. Bishop Elie Haddad, Archbishop George Haddad and several priests from the Maronite and Melkite rights celebrated the High Mass. He also visited former President Amin Gemayal at his Kataeb headquarters in Seify in downtown Beirut where he discussed the urgency on working on the neutrality for Lebanon as the best defense strategy. Upon his return to his Washington office Mr. Maalouf met with Deputy Nadim Gemayel and discussed Gemayel's trip to the United Nations and to the Nation's capital. 

December 1 - 22, 2009

Mr. Maalouf visited Lebanon in the month of December to follow-up on some of his work with the Shouf constituencies. As soon as he arrived in Lebanon he received Shoufiest citizens from Brih, Batloun, Deir-Durite, Mristy, Amik, Sheheem, Ain Wzein and El-Wadaya. While in Beirut Mr. Maalouf established the Lebanese Emigrant Renaissance Partnership with four Lebanese citizens as its steering committee to become the headquarters of all Renaissance partnerships around the world. He confirmed with the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce the upcoming LARP conference at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut on December 6-8, 2010. He also was part of the American Task Force for Lebanon's delegation that visited with the President, Prime Minister, Chief of the Lebanese Armed Forces, Ministers of Interior and Foreign Affairs in a political fact finding mission to Lebanon. Mr. Maalouf responded to several media inquiries regarding his opinion about the ongoing debate on UNSC resolution 1559. Mr. Maalouf stated clearly that no one in the world can reverse or eliminate this resolution, however the Syrian regime is trying to erase it in order to return its military occupation to Lebanon. Several websites have published those interviews, including Annahar newspaper. (click for articles)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. Walid Maalouf spoke on the Foreign Image of the United States to the Park Scholarships Scholars, class of 2012 from North Carolina State University at the Pew Research Center in Washington DC. More than 60 students, faculty and staff attended the conference as part of their trip to the nation's capital to explore the basic operations of the United States government and its foreign policy. Mr. Maalouf was introduced by Scholar Mathew Authement and entertained questions from the audience following his presentation. (Click for remarks)

Monday, June 1 - 8, 2009

In his last week campaigning, Walid Maalouf visited with the Spiritual Leader of the Druze in Baakleen Sheik Mohamad Jawad Waleeddine and discussed unity, prosperity and the return of all the displaced to the Shouf. Mr. Maalouf gave an interview to the Voice of American TV where he discussed the elections and his views on several political issues. He was a speaker at the Academic & Technical School in Dora before a Shoufists audience from different towns and villages. Mr. Maalouf hosted a dinner the eve of the elections at his residence in Kfarkatra for all his delegates, friends, family and supporters as a thank you for all the work and the volunteering they offered throughout the last 5 months of his campaign. On Election Day Mr. Maalouf visited more than 30 voting centers and thanked the authorities and the delegates of his opponents for the good spirit in managing their voting centers.

Mr. Maalouf worked nonstop since he landed in Beirut on February 15th. He visited more than 95 towns, villages and cities of the Shouf. He appeared on three talk shows and spoke of his campaign, his views and vision for a new Lebanon. He was interviewed in three major US newspapers: The New York Times, The Miami Herald Tribune and the Washington Diplomat. He was not offered any prime time spot on Lebanese TV and he was not covered accordingly in the Lebanese newspapers. His press conference in Kfarkatra was not covered at all by any TV stations while all TVs were represented at the conference. He did not have delegates at each voting center (385) like his opponents. He did not raise millions of dollars like his opponents. He did not have billboard except 20 large pictures in major roads to the Shouf placed in private properties. Three of them disappeared and had several minor incidents in not allowing the LibanPost to deliver the brochures in some towns. We sent two complaints of those incidents and the lack of media coverage to the Lebanese Election Authorities, LADE and the European Union election team observers. He was interviewed twice by the European Union observers at his residence in Kfarkatra. With all the above Mr. Walid Maalouf made it on the map of the Shouf with 1.4% of the votes. He gathered 1000 votes. The slate of Joumblatt won with its 8 deputies. 90000 people voted: the winners with 62000 votes, and the losers from the Aoun slate with 27000 votes. Big differences as you see. 

Monday, May 25 - 31, 2009

Mr. Walid Maalouf was a guest on MTV on May 26th on a program called "before the news" hosted by Mr. Antoine Saad. The discussions were about the US policies in the Middle East and in particular toward Lebanon, also the elections and Mr. Maalouf's views, perspectives and hope for a better Lebanon. Mr. Maalouf had a press conference at his home in Kfarkatra which was attended by several TV stations but none put it on their nightly news. Mr. Maalouf spoke about the return of the Shoufist to Brih, the hospital in Deir El-Kamar which is not built yet, the roads in Deir-Durite, Wady El-Site, El-Bireh, El Meoush and the road from Deir El-Kamar to Kfarkatra and other development issues. He and his team visited His Eminence Patriarch Mar-Nasrallah Peter Cardinal Sfeir, Patriarch of the Maronite in Bkerkeh to brief him on his findings in the Shouf for the last five months. The Patriarch listened carefuly and promised to follow-up on some of the pressing issues - - in particular the hospital in Deir El-Kamar.

This week Mr. Maalouf visited constituents in Niha, Ainwzein, Beit El-Dine, Deir El-Kamar, Rmayleh, Kfarnise, Maaser Beit El-Dine, Baakline, Nabeh El-Safa and Atreen. He received at his home in Sin El-Fil the candidate of Zahleh Mr. Joseph Saab Maalouf and he visited with Seik Ali Zeinedine of the Arfan organizations in Bakaata and the President of the Sagess University in the tahweta, Father Youssef Merhige, who is from Majed El-Meoush. He ended his week attending a large gathering of the elders and who's who in the Maalouf family nationwide in support of his bid to parliament hosted by Mr. Nassif Ammoury Maalouf.

Monday, May 18 - 24, 2009

Mr. Walid Maalouf is taping on "Saout Libnan" in a program called "Min Dafaterehoum" which will air every day at 1:30pm for 10 minutes from June 8-15. Al-Mustakbal TV sent a photographer to take pictures of our candidate to be used in a documentary program about the 2009 candidates that will be aired prior to the elections. Mr. Maalouf visited with Mr. Walid Barakat, the advisor of Mir Talal Arslan, at the Ministry of Youth and discussed the elections in the Shouf. Mr. Maalouf received at his residence Ambassador Nicola Birak of the United Nations who is from Barouk. Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Studio 24 at the Future TV on May 21st discussing the Shouf elections and challenged the other two Melkite candidates for a debate on TV.

The election event which was organized by the campaign committee at Saint Georges Church Hall in Ain El-Remani was well attended. Mr. Maalouf was introduced by media personality Pierre Atallah who spoke about the work of the immigrants in the salvation of Lebanon and the major role played by Mr. Maalouf. A former candidate from the Shouf Mr. Nabil Moushantaf spoke of his committment to help Mr. Maalouf win his election bid.

Mr. Maalouf visited several constituencies in the Shouf including Kfarnice where he attend Church service at Saint Elias Church and was invited to meet the town elders at the municipality where he was received warmly. Mr. Maalouf made a surprising visit to the town of Brih to which the Christians of the town have not returned since the displacement in 1983 and met with the Druze cheiftam (Mouktar). There are several issues at stake in this village and no one from the 8 representatives in parliament including the Ministry of Displacement have worked a roadmap for their return. This is a shame that yet the Christian of Brih are still ignored. Mr. Maalouf is working on a solution which he will present to the two committees as soon as he meets with the Cheiftan (Mouktar) of the Christians in Beirut. Mr. Maalouf ended his weekly campaign in attending a dinner in support of the "Mahabby School" in Kafrnabrakh and at a luncheon in honor of Dory Chamoun, a Maronite Candidate of the Shouf at the home of his cousin Mr. Fady Maalouf which was attended by all the families of Kfarkatra.

Monday, May 11 - 17, 2009

The Sheiftans (Makhatir) of Damour, Kfarhim, Mazrat el-Daher and Brih met with Mr. Walid Maalouf in Beirut and Kfarkatra to disuss his public event on Friday, May 22nd at the Church Hall of Saint George in Ain El-Remani. He gave the Washington Diplomat a phone interview for the June issue which will be publsihed by May 29th and available in their Washington DC newstands.

He visited the candidate from Jbeil Nazem El-Khoury and Arshbishop Beshara El-Raee in the presence of Consul Antoine Zougheib of Amsheet and Dr. Issam Harfoud, senior advisor of the campaign. In those meetings the election and the new ideas Mr. Maalouf is implementing in his election campaign which are used for the first time in Lebanon were discussed. He attended a luncheon at the Military Yarzi Club hosted by retired General Shehadeh Maalouf for the senior members of the Maalouf family nationwide.

On the campiagn trail Mr. Maalouf visited several families in Shehim, Barja, Kfarnabrah, Barouk, Remayli, Jadra and Fraidees. He attended the fundraising event in support of our Lady of Mazrat El-Daher and received several constituents from the Shouf at his open house in Kfarkatra on Sunday.

Monday, May 4 - May 10, 2009

The launching of the National Political and Economic Platform of the Walid Maalouf Campaign was attended by several Mayors and Shieftans (Makhatires) from the Shouf district at the Phoenicia Hotel. Also attending were Mr. Nadi Ghosn representing Dr. Samir Geaogea, Mrs. Najat Rached, Director at the Lebanese Cooperative Center and Shieftan (Moukhtar) of Kfarkatra Mr. Nabil Abi Nassif. The event was hosted by the Lebanese Press Club and the President of the Club Mr. Youssef Al-Howayek opened the ceremony with a minute of silence for all those who have parished for the cause of free, independent and soveriegn Lebanon.   Mr. El-Howayek introduced Mr. Maalouf as a man who has never abandoned Lebanon, a strong man who makes decisions and the son of the mountains. After Mr. Maalouf's presentation he took several questions from the media and the attendees. The press confrence was followed by a reception.
On the same day Mr. Maalouf was a guest at LBC "Badi Saoutak" for 45 minutes. You can watch the interview at the Walid Maalouf Foundation / Elections 2009 website and go to videos  More than 200 emails and calls we received praising Mr. Malouf's straight-forward answers and his plan for a better Shouf. 
Throughout this week Mr. Maalouf visited his constituencies in Wadi El-Deir, El-Meoush, El-Barook, El-Fridise and ended the week with a presentation at his home in Kfarkatra that was attend by the townspeople, several surrounding towns in the upper Shouf and the independent candidate Sheik Iyad Abdallah, where he discussed his National Political and Economic Platform in a series of public speaking events around the Shouf and Beirut.

Monday, April 27 - May 3, 2009

Monday, April 13 - April 26, 2009

Monday, March 30 - April 5, 2009

Sunday, March 15 - 20, 2009

Monday, March 2 - 14, 2009

Mr. Walid Maalouf is continuing his visits to the political and religious leaders in Lebanon. He met with Mr. Ahmad Al-Aassad, Chairman of the Lebanese Option Gathering and discussed the upcoming elections. Mr. Maalouf encouraged Mr. Al-Assad to organize a coalition of all independent candidates who have a clear and consistent vision for a free, united, sovereign and independent Lebanon. Mr. Maalouf also visited with former Minister and Deputy Nayla Mouawad at her residence. After discussing Mr. Maalouf's interest in running in the Shouf and the strategy he is implementing, Mrs. Mouawad encouraged Mr. Maalouf.

Mr. Maalouf briefed Mr. Carlos Edde, President of the National Lebanese Bloc at his residence. Mr. Edde briefed Mr. Maalouf of his experience in Lebanese political behaviors since he entered this arena nine years ago. Mr. Maalouf is aware of the difficulties that are ahead of him but he is determined to continue his bid for the Melkite-Catholic seat.

Mr. Maalouf was a guest on Future TV in "Kalam Beirut" hosted by Roula Haddad for an hour where he discussed his views of the day's events emphasizing that the Lebanese Lobby in Washington should make sure that Lebanon should not be on the agenda of collaborations between the Syrian and United States diplomacy unless Lebanon participates in these meetings. Mr. Maalouf visited Mr. Nadim Gemayel at the Kataeb headquarters of achrafied in the presence of Youmna Gemayel and Mr. Joe Toutingy. At his residence Deputy Boutros Harb received Maalouf and discussed the upcoming elections and the impact it might have if the emigrants are more engaged in it. Deputy Mousbah Ahdab also received Maalouf at his residence where both analyzed the election results and its impact on the future of Lebanon. Mr. Maalouf met several residents of Majdlouna - Shouf at the house of Judge Faouzi Dagher in Rabieh and discussed with them his views and his bid to run for the Melkite-Catholic seat. At his home in Sin El-Fil Maalouf received constituencies from Joun, Amik and Kfarkatra - Shouf. At every stop he distributed copies of his National Political and Economic Platform and a copy of his book How Many Times... I Told You - Reflections, Memories and Hope for Lebanon.

Monday, February 16 - 27, 2009

Mr. Walid Maalouf has been in Lebanon since February 15, 2009 meeting with Lebanese political and religious leaders. He met with his Beatitude Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutrous Sfeir, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and the East. His Eminence encouraged Mr. Maalouf in his initiative and wished him well after discussing this year's general elections. At the headquarters of the Druze, Mr. Maalouf met with Sheik Al-Akle Dr. Naem Hassan in the presence of retired General Issam Abou Ziky. They discussed the role of the emigrants in the upcoming election not only by traveling to Lebanon to vote but also in allowing several successful Lebanese living abroad to run for office in order to bring change to the Lebanese Parliament. Patriarch Gregorious III Laham of the Melkite- Catholic received Walid Maalouf at his headquarters in Raboueh. At this meeting Mr. Maalouf explained to his Beatitude his goals and objectives in running for the Melkite-Catholic seat in the Shouf District of Lebanon. It is time for the Melkite community to have a strong representation in Parliament to resume the leadership role on the national scene. On the political side, Mr. Maalouf visited with former President of Lebanon Amine Gemayel at his home office in Sin El-Fil. At this meeting he explained how he can represent the Lebanese immigrants in parliament and help them become full partner in building the new Lebanon. Maalouf told Gemayel that he is running on behalf of the Lebanese abroad as well as representing his district of the Shouf.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Triangle Lebanese Association (TLA) hosted the book signing of Mr. Walid Maalouf in Raleigh, North Carolina. A large number of the Lebanese American Community attended this special event in honor of Lebanon Independence day where Mr. Maalouf was the key note speaker and was introduced by the President of TLA Mrs. Nouha Nasrallah. (click for pictures)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Walid Maalouf Foundation hosted the book signing of Mr. Walid Maalouf at the Lebanese National Press headquarters in Beirut ( Naqabet Al-Sahafeh). Members of the Lebanese press, family, friends and supporters of Mr. Maalouf attended the event which was followed by a reception. The Dean of the Lebanese national press Mr. Mouhamad Baalbacky, Mr. Wael kheir and Poet Hanri Zougheib presented insightful analysis of Mr. Walid Maalouf's book "How Many Times... I told You - Reflections, Memories and Hope for Lebanon ". Dr. Ursula Rizk was the Master of Ceremonies and the event started with the singing of the Lebanese National Anthem. Mr. Walid Maalouf outlined the objectives of his book and introduced his idea for internal change and a new era in Lebanon.
(click for pictures)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mr. Walid Maalouf was a guest at the "Sabah El-Kheir" Future TV program with Joel and Elie. He answered questions about his book and his views for prosperity and change in Lebanon. The interview was aired live and lasted around 12 minutes (click to hear the interview). While in Lebanon Mr. Maalouf was received by the US Ambassador to Lebanon the Honorable Michel Sison and the Minister of Interior and Municipalities His Excellency Ziyad Baroud.

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 16 & 17, 2008:

Mr. Walid Maalouf’s public diplomacy trip included several stops in Jordan. He visited with Bishop Yasser Ayach of the Melkite community in Amman. He spoke at the Business Development Center, a $27 million USAID project to help graduates to compete successfully in the Jordanian market. Mr. Maalouf met with a group of students who have participated in the program and found successful jobs in the market place. Accompanied by the USAID Deputy Director Mr. Maalouf visited Um Qusseir for an outreach event at the Orphans care Charity Association. The second day Mr. Maalouf visited INJAZ a program to help Jordanian youth improve their skills and capabilities. Than spoke to the 12th grade students at the Princess Tagrid School in East Amman and was received warmly and enthusiastically by Mother Davide Mouaness, the faculty and students of the Sister of Nazareth School in Amman more than 200 girls attended the presentation by Mr. Maalouf and than had a Q & A session. (Click for pictures)

Friday, September 12, 2008:

Mr. Maalouf participated in the opening ceremony of the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership conference at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut with Minister of Economy Mohamad Safadi representing President Michel Sleiman, US Ambassador Michele J. Sison, Mr. Salim Zienni and Mr. Ghassan Saab the corporate leader of this mission. Several Lebanese officials and dignitaries attend this conference, thirty Lebanese American business, entrepreneurs and community leaders from the United States and the Diaspora attended this year conference with more than 300 local business and community leaders from Lebanon. (Click for remarks) (Click for pictures)

Thursday, May 15, 2008:

Upon the recent development in Lebanon, Mr. Walid Maalouf joined a delegation of March 14 USA and other Lebanese American Organizations to lobby United Nations officials to enforce security council resolution 1559 and enlarge the UN presence in Lebanon to include the capital Beirut and its suburbs as well as all government institutions and expedite the immediate election of the President of the Republic. The delegation met with Ambassador Hamid al-Bayati the President of the Arab Group at the United Nations, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General Ambassador Terje Rode-Larsen at the Indonesian Hall in the UN building. Also met the Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs Ambassador B. Lynn Pascoe in his office.

Saturday, April 26, 2008: 

Members of the Lebanese American community in Atlanta attended the the book signing of Mr. Walid Maalouf at the Sultan Restaurant which was organized by Engineer Pierre Maalouf and Mr. Shible Mounzer. Mr. Kanaan Dagher of Toronto introduced Mr. Maalouf who briefed the participants about the book and its objectives and answered several of their questions. Afterwards Mr. Maalouf gave An-Nour newspaper an interview which is published in their May issue. (click for pictures) (click for introduction)    

Saturday, April 12, 2008: 

Mr. Maalouf visited the Lebanese American community in London and signed his book at the London Chapter of the World Lebanese Cultural Union’s annual dinner. He also was a speaker at the dinner which was attended by the world President Elie Hakme and the General Secretary Georges Abi-Raad. Prior to the event Mr. Maalouf was a host on the Arab News Network. He was interviewed by Alsyassa, Al-Hayat and Al-Shaq Al-Awsat newspapers. The following day Mr. Maalouf was received warmly at the Maronite Church in London where he attended a memorial mass on the occasion of the beginning of the regional war in Lebanon on April 13th. (Click for pictures) (Click for article)

Sunday, March 2, 2008: 

On the second day of his visit to the Lebanese American community in San Francisco Mr. Maalouf was received warmly at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church where he attend mass with the community. This was followed by a luncheon in his honor organized by the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU). His remarks were about his book and how the Diaspora can move to help Lebanon out of its deadlock. After the luncheon and his remarks, Mr. Maalouf signed his book How Many Times... I Told You - Reflections, Memories and Hope for Lebanon. (Click for pictures) 

Saturday, March 1, 2008:

Mr. Walid Maalouf was the keynote speaker at the Lebanese American Association's 17th annual gala dinner in San Francisco, California. He was one of three recipients of the Outstanding Leadership & Achievement AwardSeveral dignitaries attended the gala including the Consul General of Lebanon the Honorable Fadi HajAli and the Honorary Consul of Jordan Kamal Ayoub. In his remarks Mr. Maalouf outlined how the Lebanese Diaspora can effectively help Lebanon once and for all. After the dinner Mr. Maalouf signed his book. (Click for speech) (click for pictures)

Friday, January 30, 2008

The U.S. Agency for International Development celebrated the 2007 Annual Awards Ceremony and Mr. Walid Maalouf was a recipient of two Certificates of Appreciation: The first , in recognition of his unwavering support of the President’s foreign policy agenda to various U.S. Diaspora organizations and foreign audiences in both Arabic and English and the second, for his outstanding support of public diplomacy efforts in the Middle East. (Click for pictures)

Thursday, December 13, 2007:
Monday, November 12, 2007:

The Honorable Henrietta Fore, USAID Administrator and Director of US Foreign Assistance spoke a breakfast organized by the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership and hosted by its Vice President Haleem Zihenni at the New York Athletic Club. The breakfast was attended by leaders of the Lebanese American business community as well as public officials such as Ms. Caroline Ziade, Deputy Representative of Lebanon to the UN; the Honorable Antoine Azzam, Consul General of Lebanon in New York; and the Honorable Jeanine Pirro, former District Attorney of Westchester County. (Click for pictures)

Friday, November 9, 2007:

Mr. Walid Maalouf, Director of Public Diplomacy attended the Tunisia Economic Forum and was on a panel with His Excellency Mohamed Al Nouri Al-Jouwaini, Tunisian Minister of Development & International Cooperation, Dr. Jassim Al-Mannai, Chairman & General Manager, Arab Monetary Fund, UAE and Mr. Jacques Sarraf, President of the Middle East Businessmed discussing the development and future vision of the Tunisian Economy. (Click for pictures) 

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