Mr. Walid Maalouf is Director of the Board of Applied Bank of Delaware. He is currently a Private Banking and Foreign Policy Advisor, he has been a professional businessman and diplomat in the metropolitan Washington, DC area for more than 20 years, tackling international issues on financial, cultural, educational and political levels.

He served as the Director of Public Diplomacy for Middle Eastern & MEPI Affairs at U.S. Agency for International Development from 2004 till 2009. He was responsible for enhancing communications between the agency and the broader Middle Eastern community in America and abroad. He also served as the Alternate Representative of the United States of America to the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2003, a Senate approved appointment. While at the US Mission in New York, he was the first United States representative to deliver a speech at the United Nations in Arabic.

Prior to these two presidential appointments, Mr. Maalouf was an international banker for fifteen years. He served on a number of civic boards and organized several conventions. He is the president of the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership, and is a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


Mr. Maalouf has received several awards including the 2006 Distinguished Wall of Fame from his alma mater, USAID's Meritorious Honor Award in 2005, and two certificates of appreciation in 2008. He was the recipient of the Patriarchal Golden Cross of Jerusalem from the Melkite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Alexandria, and Jerusalem in 1998. He has also been recognized for his dedicated commitment to public service and community organizations.

Mr. Maalouf has been interviewed and written for numerous magazines, televisions and newspapers. His book How Many Times… I Told You - Reflections, Memories and Hope for Lebanon was published in 2007. In 2011, he collaborated with author Stephen Kaufman on The Road to 1559 – Lebanon at the Core of the George W. Bush Administration.

He served as Heritage Co-Chair, Middle Eastern of the Catholic Task Force of the Republican National Committee and Co-Chairman of the American Dreamers on behalf of the Lebanese American community in support of President George W. Bush.

In 1983, Mr. Maalouf founded the Metrolina Phoenician Club in North Carolina and in 1988 was a founder and former national Vice President of the National Alliance of Lebanese Americans. In 1987 he was the national executive director of the American Lebanese League and was instrumental and behind the establishment of the Lebanese American Coalition in 2004 through which he hoped to unite all Lebanese American activists behind a free and democratic Lebanon. Mr. Maalouf initiated and spearheaded the Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership mission to Lebanon and serves as current President. He ran in the 2009 Parliamentary Elections and was able to place his candidacy on the map of the Shouf District with a notable record for an independent candidate running within the complex election law that is currently implemented in Lebanon.

In June 2007 family, friends and supporters of Mr. Maalouf established the Walid Maalouf Foundation. It is an educational non-religious, non-sectarian and non-political organization. Its primary objectives are to help needy Lebanese students from first grade to high school reach their educational goals; to help build a library and an international center with easy access for every Lebanese child; to provide the necessary support for families to encourage reading in the home.

Mr. Maalouf was born in Beirut, Lebanon and graduated from Belmont Abbey-Sacred Heart College in Belmont, North Carolina and the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia, where he completed executive courses in public diplomacy and communications.

Beirut Golden Awards

The Beirut Golden Awards Association bestowed on Mr. Walid Maalouf this award on its annual gala in recognition of his dedicated work for a sovereign, free and democratic Lebanon and his advancement in the United States of America.

((Mr. Maalouf receiving the award from Mr. Mohamad Halwani, President of the BGA Association and media personality Mr. Alain Dergham)


Lebanese Melkite Higher Council

His Beatitude Joseph Absi, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Alexandria and Jerusalem appointed Mr. Walid Maalouf to the Lebanese Melkite Higher Council to serve the Melkite Church in Lebanon and abroad.


Focus on Lebanon Award Ceremony
Friday, November 7, 2013

Walid Maalouf was an honored guest at a dinner hosted by the Academic Forum Beirut Berlin and was recognized by Focus on Lebanon Organization bestowing on him the Star from Lebanon Award "2a3lam min belad el2arz" in Harisa.

(Mr. Maalouf receiving the award from Dr. Fadi Comair, Director General of the Lebanese Water Resources)


Outstanding Leadership & Achievement Award

The Lebanese American Association (LAA) bestowed on Mr. Walid Maalouf its Outstanding Leadership & Achievement Award at their 17th Annual Gala Dinner in San Francisco, California. 

(Mr. Maalouf receiving the award from LAA President Tom Makdisi)


Certificates of Appreciation

Walid Maalouf was a recipient of two USAID 2007 Certificates of Appreciation Award for his outstanding support of public diplomacy efforts in the Middle East and the second - In recognition of his unwavering support of the President’s foreign policy agenda to various US Diaspora organizations and foreign countries in both Arabic and English.

(With USAID Administrator and Director of Foreign Assistance the Honorable Henrietta Fore)


Platinum Emigrante Award

The World Lebanese Cultural Union bestowed on Mr. Walid Maalouf its second highest Platinum Emigrante Award in Montreal at the US-Canada regional meeting in recognition of the major and central role he played at the United Nations as the Alternate Representative of the US to the 58th General Assembly, appointed by president George W. Bush, and his important intervention in support of implementing UNSCR 1559 to help liberate Lebanon from the Syrian occupation.

(Mr. Maalouf receiving the award from the WLCU President Mr. Anis Garabet)


Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame
04/01/ 2006

Belmont Abbey and Sacred Heart National Alumni Board inducted Walid Maalouf into the Distinguished Wall of Fame administered by the President and the Abbot of Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, North Carolina. 

(With Abbot Placid Solari, Dr. William K. Thierfelder, President of Belmont Abbey and Michael P. McGinnis, President of the Alumni Board)


Meritorious Honor Award

Walid Maalouf was a recipient of the USAID 2005  Meritorious Honor Award which he received at the annual Awards Ceremony, A Celebration of Excellence in Development, in recognition for substantial and direct contribution to USAID's public outreach to the diplomatic community, Middle Eastern and Arab American communities, as well as other key organizations with a substantive interest in the Agency's foreign assistance activities.

(With the former Administrator of USAID the Honorable Andrew Natsios)


Achievement & Appreciation Award

Mr. Maalouf received the Achievement & Appreciation Award from the American Lebanese Coordination Council at their annual conference in Cleveland, Ohio to promote peace, democracy and to support the United Nations resolution 1559 aimed at liberating Lebanon from the Syrian occupation. 

(With the leadership of ALCC Mr. Maroun, Mr. Hage and Mr. Faddoul)


Trail Blazer Award

In Warren, Michigan Walid Maalouf received from the Lebanese-American Club of Michigan the Trail Blazer Award in recognition of his achievement in the public service arena including his current position at USAID as well as his previous position as the Alternate Representative of the United States of America to the general assembly of the United Nations in 2003.

(With the leadership of LACOM Mr. Tony Malouf and Mr. Mourani)


Swearing Ceremony

In New York, NY Walid Maalouf's oath of office at the United States Mission to the United Nations as the Alternate Representative of the United States of America to the Fifty-Eighth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations administered by the United States Representative to the UN Economic and Social Council.

(With Ambassador Sichan Siv and Charlotte Mantzaris)


Sovereign Military Order of Malta

In Washington, D.C. Walid Maalouf's investiture into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta at Saint Matthew's Cathedral administered by the Archbishop of Washington.

(With His Eminence the late James Cardinal Hickey Archbishop of Washington)

Patriarchal Golden Cross of Jerusalem

In Beiteddine, Lebanon Walid Maalouf received the Patriarchal Golden Cross of Jerusalem from the Melkite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Alexandria and Jerusalem at the Palace of Mir Amine.

(With Archbishop George Kwaiter of the Diocese of Saida & Deir-El-Kamar, His Beatitude the late Patriarch Maximos V Hakim and Walid's uncle the late Chafic Maalouf)